Volunteer Centre

Hesed «Bnei Azriel» runs a great variety of different programs, but none of them could happen without our beloved volunteers. These open-minded and friendly people with love in their hearts initiate and run our organisation. Specially for volunteers we have organized a Volunteer Centre. The Coordinator – Iryna Demenko.

Our volunteers hold the consolations about medical issues; organize foreign language classes and artistic workshops. The other thing is that our volunteers also do hairdressing absolutely for free.  Sometimes low pension does not allow people to spend money on first need services and this kind of simple help brings, conducted by our volunteers brings them back to normal life. In terms of our organization their contribution is big and in terms of our clients it is vital and priceless.

Here are a few ways how to help our clients:

  • Participation in Community and cultural Centre events – lectures, seminars, workshops, concerts.
  • Medical consultations.
  • Household help – minor repair of plumber, furniture, household appliances, umbrellas, irons, etc.
  • Hairdressing service.
  • Collection of rehabilitation equipment.
  • Other services.

Join our Volunteer Team! Fill in application form and send us to e-mail pr@kievhesed.org.ua or demenko@kievhesed.org.ua. In your application, please, state the service which you are ready to be involved and contact details.

Application form

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