• The Memory Preservation Program

    Alzheimer's disease, which gradually weakens the brain and causes memory loss, inevitably leads to problems with social adaptation of the elderly person. The disease affects people regardless their education and quality of life. The early stage of the disease often goes unnoticed. Usually, friends and relatives of the patient, when confronted with the symptoms, accept them for the normal process of aging. However, the disease progresses and the problems become not only more obvious but also more tangible both for the patient, and to others. How to help the people in trouble? How to support those caring for a loved one? How to learn to survive socially with such a severe disease?

    The "Memory preservation" program contributes to solving these problems. This program is implemented with the support of the British organization World Jewish Relief (WJR). It provides for the creation of a favorable environment for life of people living with dementia and for their family members and social workers who provide services to such clients. In the framework of program are working the groups providing support, psychological assistance; group and individual sessions are organized, aimed at preserving memory of the wards and stimulation of their cognitive activity.

    "I get a real help at our meetings... I wanted to help my mom, but I never knew how...now I know I'm not alone, and all together we can overcome any difficulties", - confidently says the participant of the program Irina M.

    For more information about the program, please contact us by phone: +38 (050) 353-75-17

    Program Manager – Marina Oreper