Psychological help: confidential and professional!

Dear wards! Friends!

Against the background of the events that have been taking place since February 24, 2022 in Ukraine, many members of the Jewish community are going through a difficult emotional experience, which sometimes leads to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Psychological assistance is becoming an important component of care and social assistance for the prevention of PTSD.

It is for this purpose that the "Or Shalom" Center for Work with Trauma was established at the "Jewish Chesed "Bnei Azriel" MBF with the assistance of the Claims Conference and the Joint.

In times of crisis, it is difficult for us to accept the changes that are happening, to determine the future course of life, to restore confidence and peace. Anxiety, fear, sadness, despair, confusion, anger - a short list of our already "habitual" states. An established lifestyle may lose relevance, and it is difficult to create a new one.

At the Or Shalom Trauma Center, certified specialists in the field of mental health will help you survive traumatic events, reduce the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder or get rid of it, learn how to develop stress resistance, find internal resources, feel more confident and regulated, and restore productivity.

All services of the Center are free of charge for members of the Jewish community.

An important task of the "Or Shalom" Trauma Center is to be close to the members of the Jewish community in a period of crisis, to professionally help them survive the realities and find the Peaceful Light of life.

Our contacts:

• Kyiv, Kazemir Malevich Street, 86 o (letter "o"), 2nd floor

• Phone: 095 8301812

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