Welcome to II Modul of Interactive lessons "Prevention of violence in children's environment"

 From birth, each of us has 3 rights, namely:

1. A safe place;

2. Safe adults;

3. Recognition that you are a unique, precious child

Unfortunately, there are almost no adults in society who can claim that these three rights were obtained and exercised without restrictions. Each of us at least once in childhood became a victim of violence - bullying, physical, moral. But we must help our children acquire these rights. That is why the Kyiv Volunteer Community Hesed Volunteering Center started a series of interactive lessons for teenagers on countering violence. The first lesson took place already on June 1. And the second will take place on June 28 in honor of the Constitution Day of Ukraine.

We invite children aged 12-18 to join an interesting and useful activity! The venue is the Halom EOC (Kyiv, Kazimyra Malevich St. 86 "o"). Date - 28.06.2023, start - 15.00.

Duration - 2 hours.

The coach - Viacheslav Zyrianov

Please, write us to iedgarova@kievhesed.org.ua

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