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In the youth, full of optimism, energy and strength, we are confident that we will cope with life circumstances. Do we overestimate ourselves? Of course not. That’s what we are given the fleeting but eventful years! Love, career, overcoming troubles, disappointments and happiness, crises and victories... how much each of us needs to experience and go through to come to the inevitable – sooner or later we begin to loose health. Some people are able to cope with the problems to some extent, but others are less fortunate in life and have not a gaudy lot. Physical exhaustion, pain, surgery, limited mobility...lead to a limited social circle. Many of such people barely make ends meet: small pensions go for medical treatment, utilities and a poor nutrition. Buying a portable computer – laptop or tablet – cannot be even a question. They should survive somehow, say nothing of communication matters. And then the person in the worst of situations gets the aid from the ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel".

The Fund is trying to help with sanitation materials, medicines and products, repair of small household appliances and guide a social worker who goes for groceries, cleans the apartment and helps to take food. And when the social worker goes away they are left alone again within the confines of four walls. There, beyond the walls goes a full life. Somewhere, not far away or in another hemisphere are happening the events that determine our future. Hesed hosts interesting events, there are famous artists coming... and Jewish holidays, in which the soul asks to participate? And what if your old dad or a close relative lives in another country, but you haven't seen your loved ones’ faces?! How may one try to survive if he’s alone and his heart is torn apart from pain?! It is for those people – who haven’t been outside their apartment for many years, do not have the opportunity to witness the festive illumination of the city or touch a full-blown flower on the yard flowerbed, who are in social isolation, we organized a project of targeted assistance "Window to the world".

Our goal is to prevent irreversible processes in the psyche of these people and, as a sequence, early death. And for this we need to provide with tablets and e-media library 25 wards with limited mobility, but preserved intellect. We want to make dreams of these people come, as they deserve to be active members of society in the modern world. But without you, dear sponsors, friends, partners, patrons, we will not realize our project!

What Hesed can do? We can attract volunteer specialists in the field of IT to create media libraries, as well as for training clients to use tablets, to constantly replenish the library, conduct video chats and even attract doctors-volunteers who specialize in remote diagnostics. However, the question of purchasing 25 tablets remains open - sorry, we can't buy them on the Fund’s account. Therefore, it was decided to hold various charity events, during which we collect donations and to contact you for help via the Internet.

The total amount of aid is 87600 UAH. Assistance can be provided in the form of financial support, to give tablet to a specific ward of 25 needing people and to come with us and present this long-awaited gift. We would welcome any amount and any kind of assistance, knowing that such a project is not performed in a one day.

But we and our wards are confident that together we can overcome difficulties and become wizards who are returning back to the people a wonderful world of communication!

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